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New Pyrolox 1 Fleck 2510 Iron, Sulfur, Manganese removal water filter
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New Pyrolox 1 Fleck 2510 Iron, Sulfur, Manganese removal water filter

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Pyrolox Fleck 2510 Filter 1.0ft3 For Iron, Sulfur, & Manganese Removal Complete System! Features & Specs 9" x 48" Structural USA tank 1.0 ft.3 High density iron and sulfur removing Pyrolox media Gravel bed for equal water dispersion #1 rated Fleck 2510 control valve for automatic backwashing Bypass valve included, 1" size. Calibrated flow control for proper backwashing Removes iron up to 10 ppm Removes sulfur (rotten egg odor) up to 4 ppm Removes manganese up to 4 ppm No chemicals to use, once set up, all automatic! Acts as a general turbidity filter to remove dirt, sand, cloudy water Say goodbye to smelly, bad tasting, stain causing water! This Pyrolox iron, sulfur and manganese filter will help you put these problems behind you. Iron is a big source of problems in water supplies, causing red discolored water, red or reddish-brown staining and sometimes giving the water a metallic taste. Sulfur is frequently associated with iron, and can easily be recognized by the rotten egg smell it gives the water. Manganese is sometimes found in water contaminated with iron or sulfur, and is usually identifiable by black, slimy staining and the smell of rotting vegetation. With this system you can get rid of all three problems with one single unit. Pyrolox media is a naturally mined ore that oxidizes the iron, sulfur, and manganese, allowing it to be trapped by the dense media bed. The density of the Pyrolox media also allows it to work well as a general sediment and turbidity filter. With no chemicals to add and an automatic backwashing control head, this system cuts maintenance down to a minimum! As with any iron filter, pH is a key factor, a minimum pH of 6.3 is required for efficient removal of these contaminates, if your pH is lower ask us about our pH neutralizing Calcite filters. You will also need a flow rate of at least 8-10 gpm for backwashing. We have supplemental instructions for the homeowner to install easily. Simple in and out 1" connections


No more iron staining! Removes iron & sulfur from your water!

Whole house application, treat and clean all your water with one tank!

No chemicals, no salt, no additives, all automatic! 5 year warranty!

Remove rotten egg odor, remove ferrous & ferric iron, and manganese

Removes up to 10 ppm of iron, cleans your water, easy to install!

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